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Wanted: the one magic million most awesome people!

one magic million was founded in 2016. The goal of the label is to reach the one magic million. This means, exactly one million t-shirts for the one magic million most awesome people all over the world. A unique serial number between 1 and 1000000 is printed on every single t-shirt.


one magic million goes NFT

After a long break one magic million is back as digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. If you join the one magic million community and own an NFT-shirt, you will be able to get a real t-shirt with your NFT number on it in the future.

You just have to follow one rule when you wear your t-shirt.

Rule #1/1

You have to say „Hi“ or smile to people you meet, when both of you are wearing the one magic million t-shirt at the same moment. No matter where or when. Do it! It’s the most important rule.

Before Covid-19 the rule said to give people a high five, but that is no longer required… 😉

You can also have a drink together. 🙂

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